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The brand new Germ Buster’s technology is considered by far the first steam cleaning method to provide verified results for decontamination and it is celebrated as the latest generation advanced dry steam cleaning system. Germ Busters provides increased success, enhanced hygiene in use, and even self-disinfecting capabilities. It is a fact that cleansing products and related equipment by their very usage quickly end up being unclean and contaminated and thereby likely to carry around the contamination into other locations. We've all seen a soiled mop. Hence the complications of infection control in hospital wards world wide, made worse perhaps by an over-reliance upon inefficiently utilized cleansing compounds in which microorganisms may potentially end up being increasingly resistant.


Germ Busters is a thoroughly incorporated steam cleaning procedure making use of innovative instruments and components developed, tried, and evaluated in collaboration with all the health care industries. While doing work in conjunction with our standard operating procedures, our system is specifically designed just for implementation as a frontline decontamination and purification weapon against infection prevention and control measures. It was engineered primarily after comprehensive evidence-based microbiological research and clinical examination, and is the foremost and only such system in the world to provide a steam based cleaning and decontamination system that is outcome assured.

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Nearly all conventional cleaning solutions derive from the use of water and detergents. The surface will give a clear and shiny image through the water that remains on the surface. The detergents will ensure the surface smells clean and fresh. However, the truth is that it very often is not the case. The surface may seem clean, but bacteria and dirt particles stay behind and will duplicate fairly quickly in a moist environment.

The deep cleaning effect of steam ensures that bacteria and other unwanted micro-organisms are destroyed, even all the way down into the deepest pores of the polluted surface. Consequently the minimum amount of deposits left behind through the use of steam are easy to remove by the simultaneous use of microfibre or vacuum. This way the bacteria will not be able to duplicate and the surface will be instantaneously and hygienically fully clean.

By properly introducing steam into your cleaning strategies it can save you on the usage of detergents by up to 80 to 90%. The water consumption can even be reduced up to 95%! So we do save you money and at the same time provide a more thorough job.

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